Flowers from Swabia

You won’t see this photo every day, dear readers. Günthardt/Günthardt (photo), Heinz (left) and Markus in Swiss Television’s studio at the Swiss Indoors. The younger Heinz is a byword in this republic, be it as a tennis pioneer or TV commentator. On the international scene, Markus, is regarded as the somewhat larger figure. Since 2004, Markus, who recently turned 60, has served as director of the Porsche Grand Prix in Stuttgart. The WTA date takes place before the French Open on indoor sand. Markus G. covered this event on its move from Filderstadt to Stuttgart. During his visit to Basel, he handed out flowers to the local crew. «The Swiss Indoors is in terms of its cachet a unique tournament. The new, modernised arena will lift the tournament into an even higher orbit.» Günthardt the Older talks of a brilliant monument to the legacy of President Roger Brennwald. The promoter, originally from the village of Wangen near Dübendorf, Zurich, invests by his own account 80 per cent of his time on behalf of Stuttgart. A mandate in Madrid will be added to his workload (ATP 1000), where Ion Tiriac is the owner of the rights. Markus Günthardt has in the past worked for many years for the Romanian (World Cup in Hannover). The man from Zurich also sits on the WTA Tour Board of Directors, on whose behalf he used to manage the Masters in Istanbul. Only in Switzerland has Markus never held high office. The explanation is clear: the former doubles tennis specialist is just a shade too big for the Helvetic Confederation.

«March 2018»