Head to Head: the Intimate Duels of the Stars

It is in the nature of the job that the tennis superstars cannot always be at the top of their game. And as has been reported, many top talents are currently watching the end of the season from the side-lines due to injuries. It is interesting to look at the history of head-to-heads involving Roger Federer (photo) and tough opponents from past and present.

Nadal. The Spaniard leads 23:15. As a lefthander, the Spaniard has made life difficult for the Swiss, especially on red earth. This year both titans have played super tennis, with Federer having his nose in front, clearly dominating the Iberian in their last clash in Shanghai. The Lausanne newspaper «Le Matin» speculated that Nadal had possibly withdrawn from Basel in order to avoid Basel’s leading son.

Del Potro. Federer leads 17:6. At first glance a clear case. Many injuries have contributed to the South American often having to play on court at below par. Interesting detail: in indoors confrontations, the blockbuster duel stands at 4:4.

Djokovic. Federer losing 22:23. The Serb with the quick arm stroke is currently letting that limb heal, perhaps his wrist too. For a while, «Nole» was setting the pace with his speed. In 2016 and 2017, he has not appeared against Federer.

Murray. Federer leads 14:11. The pride and joy of the British Empire is also injured, and is 99% certain to miss the Masters in London. It is only during the last two, three years that the Scot has developed into a rock-hard hunk for all players.

Wawrinka. Federer leads 20:3. The man from the Swiss canton Vaud showed too much respect for too long against his «big brother». Since Stan has won three major titles of his own, the situation has changed, with Federer only having limited desire to battle it out over five sets with the Marathon Man.

Čilić: Federer leads 7:1. The powerful Croat has not resided very long on the «bel étage» of men’s tennis. At this year’s Wimbledon final, he suffered misfortune, with a blister on his foot holding him back. Yet even in top form, it would not have been easy for Čilić against the grass champion.

«March 2018»