Current status

During times of great change in the sporting world and global uncertainties, we are confidently guiding the Swiss Indoors into its fifth decade. As the third-largest indoor tournament on the ATP World Tour, we are proud of the heritage of this event. For us, upholding the tradition of the tournament is not about preserving the ashes; it is about keeping the fire burning.

As part of the ATP’s reform agenda, the Swiss Indoors Basel was promoted to the premium class of ATP Formula 500 tournaments, the tennis equivalent of football’s Champions League. This, together with the efforts made to continuously develop the event, is the reason why this year Basel will once again boast an elite world-class field. The Swiss Indoors can also be proud of its status as an ATP 500 event, which has now been confirmed until 2016.

Nowadays, showing respect is almost as difficult as earning it. We appreciate the culture of tennis, the fascination of this game characterised by fairness where, at the end of each match, the players shake hands at the net. This noble spirit is what gives the Swiss Indoors its strength. Basel is still the name of the game, the focal point in Switzerland for world tennis.