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The official ticketing presale has starten!

Tickets Swiss Indoors Basel 2018

Tickets can than be bought via Ticket-Hotline +41 (0)900 552 225 (CHF 1.19/min.) or here online.Tickets for the Swiss Indoors Basel are also available in all official ticket agencies of Ticketcorner.

Information ticket prices

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Status "currently not available"

 On the website of our official ticket provider can appear the status “currently not available”. This means that there are no tickets available anymore for those tournament days. It is possible that some tickets go back to sale (for example because of invoices which have not been paid).


Children need a ticket

For reasons of fire safety among other things, entry to the stadium can only be granted upon production of a valid ticket. A ticket is also required for small children – they may not sit in your lap. The event is not suitable for children under 6 years old.


Important information regarding ticket sale
We would advise against buying tickets on the black or grey market (e.g. including via online auction or trading platforms), as this is illegal and the tickets sold there are overpriced and in some cases may be fake. We do not assume any responsibility for tickets that have not been bought through the official advance ticket booking service (Swiss Indoors Basel / Ticket-Hotline, Ticketcorner AG) and we do reserve the right to block these ones. The tickets will lose their validity immediately and cannot be used for access anymore. In such cases there is no claim for compensation. Thank you for your understanding.
To prevent this kind of situations, we do highly recommend you to buy packages as well as single tickets only via official sales channels (official ticket agencies of Ticketcorner)


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