The Business Club was founded in 2005 to offer a new exclusive Swiss Indoors event. Since its inception, this successful charity event has been held again each year. Numerous prominent guest speakers from the worlds of business, politics and sports have made special appearances in the Business Club.

The purpose of the event is to cultivate contacts and relationships in the positive atmosphere of Swiss Indoors Basel.
The entire net proceeds from the events are donated to a non-profit institution every year.


What’s included

Swiss Indoors Basel offers a special new venue with the opening of the Business Club.

The purpose is to cultivate contacts and relationships in the positive atmosphere of Swiss Indoors Basel.

The association, whose members include sponsors as well as figures from the political and cultural sphere surrounding the tournament, are sure to quickly enhance their profiles at this premier networking opportunity in the Swiss world of sports.

Each year, the net proceeds from the events benefit a different social institution. In 2008, for example, it was the United Kids Foundation network for children, the umbrella organisation of the Cleven Becker Foundation and Veronica Ferres’ Power-Child association.


Past guests

2023: Simon Ehammer

2019: Joseph Sepp Blatter

2018: Marco Rima

2017: Fabian Cancellara

2016: Dario Cologna

2015: Belinda Bencic and her father, Ivan Bencic

2012: Jörg Schild

2011: Roger Köppel

2010: Lynette Federer

2009: Ottmar Hitzfeld

2008: Franziska van Almsick

2007: Bernhard Russi, Veronica Ferres, Dr Hans-Dieter Cleven

2006: Dr Karlheinz Böhm, Rolf Knie

2005: Adolf Ogi, Urs Leutert

Charity organisations

2023: Swiss Animal Rescue Park "SIKYPARK"

2019: Swiss School for Guide Dogs for the Blind Foundation

2018: Mutperlen Schweiz Foundation

2017: SapoCycle Foundation

2016: Orchester Basel Sinfonietta

2015: The Swiss Paraplegic Foundation

2012: Tierschutz beider Basel

2011: Kinderhilfswerk UNESON

2010: Treat Trust Wales health fund

2009: Children’s relief organisations Mensajeros del paz and Fundacion G3T

2008: Premiere Foundation

2007: United Kids Foundations

2006: Schweizer Sporthilfe/Menschen für Menschen

2005: Unicef

Kurt Aeschbacher, Paul Burkhalter, Franz Baur, Stefan Bürer, Matthias Hüppi, Rainer Maria Salzgeber, Bernhard Schär

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