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Booths in the spectator area capture the attention of over 70,000 visitors. Exhibitors shouldn’t miss out on the positive, upbeat atmosphere at Swiss Indoors Basel. Beyond Center Court, the foyer exerts an incredible fascination on visitors.


What’s included

Your presence in the booth area lets you greatly increase brand awareness for products while offering you image advertising of the highest calibre. The style and comfort of the booths is second to none compared to other sporting events. Big-name companies associate themselves with Swiss Indoors Basel, and exhibitors from all industries can reach their target audience with their advertising message. The high-quality construction of the basic booth elements is carried out by the official booth setup company and paid for by Swiss Indoors AG.

Interior design, operations and liability are the responsibility of the exhibitors. Ancillary costs, such as power installation, energy costs, telephony, etc. are billed after service performance.


CHF 24,000.00 – booth 4 x 2 m (W x D)
CHF 30,000.00 – booth 5 x 2 m (W x D)
CHF 36,000.00 – booth 6 x 2 m (W x D)
plus 7.7% VAT


  • High-quality basic booth elements (walls, ceiling, carpet, spots, top panel)
  • Publishing of the booth map in the Tennis Yearbook
  • Swiss Indoors Business Club membership
  • Eligibility to purchase pre-sale tickets
  • Receive mailings and press releases
  • One permanent parking spot per booth
  • Four exhibitor passes per booth
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