Ticket pre-sale started!

Tickets for the Swiss Indoors Basel 2024 can be ordered via the Ticket Hotline +41 (0)900 552 225 (CHF 1.19/min.) and via the Ticketcorner website.



By purchasing tickets, you accept the general terms and conditions of Ticketcorner AG.


Important ticketing information

‘Currently not available’ status

Our official ticketing agent, Ticketcorner (www.ticketcorner.ch), may indicate that tickets to an event are ‘currently not available’. This means that tickets for a given day of the tournament are not available at that time. Tickets may, however, become available later (e.g. as the result of unpaid purchases).

Tickets required for children

Fire safety rules and other stadium safety regulations require all visitors to have a ticket. Young children are also required to have an assigned (ticketed) seat. The event is unsuitable for children under the age of six.


Be advised:

We strongly advise against purchasing tickets on the black or grey market, via online marketplaces or auction sites (e.g. Viagogo, Alltickets, Zapmeta, Tutti, Ricardo, etc.). Not only are such purchases illegal, prices are significantly marked up and tickets may not be authentic. We assume no responsibility for tickets purchased outside our official ticketing network (Swiss Indoors Basel/Ticket-Hotline, Ticketcorner AG), and we reserve the right to block such tickets for security purposes. This action renders tickets invalid and unusable for admission. Visitors relinquish any claim to compensation in such instances! Thank you for understanding.

To avoid similar situations, we encourage all visitors to exclusively use our official sales channels (official Ticketcorner locations) for the purchase of packages and individual tickets.

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